About Us


Our goal is simple: Deliver happiness at the lowest price.

We know that giving you the lowest priced products and complete satisfaction is the best way to help you grow your businesses profitability and lower your stress. Everyone wants to trust that an online purchase will arrive on time and the product that was ordered is the right one. To make sure of this, we usually ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them (Mon-Fri) and we always pack our weight-based products with more weight than ordered to ensure you get more than you asked for.

If we are not delivering happiness to you, then please let us know immediately (orders@lidocaineforless.com).

NOTE: For orders over $1,000 and international orders we may require a wire transfer as we cannot accept large international orders via credit card. Please email us for wire transfer details.

Gary Brisker, CEO

Gary Brisker is the CEO for Medical Numbing Agents LLC selling Lidocaine Powder   As a health and nutrition expert, and a small business owner myself, I care about people. I build businesses that help others succeed and achieve their goals. If you've come in search of the lowest cost powdered lidocaine, then you've found the right place. I have worked out an exclusive deal with world's top lidocaine manufacturer to deliver 99.9% pure lidocaine HCL powder to medical and health professionals like you. We work with hospitals, doctors of all types, dentists, veterinarians and more. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and the best product for the lowest price. By doing so you can generate more profit and do better for yourself, which in turn helps others.