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Here's something we bet you didn't expect to see: a book by our CEO, Gary Brisker.

Mindset The Attitude Solution for Permanent Weight Loss by Gary Brisker 


The Attitude Solution for Permanent Weight Loss by Gary Brisker

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To Purchase please call the Author at 480-390-1366 for direct purchase and to ask any questions on how to get benefits and results for proper permanent weight loss. 



After 40 years in the health and fitness industry, I have become ashamed at the statistics of child obesity and diabetes in the United States My hope in writing this book is to educate, motivate, and hold families accountable for the future. While empowering families with good nutrition, I want to be a support system for individuals in order for them to improve self-esteem, self-respect, self-image, self-confidence and self-discipline. MINDSET is a program where weight control doesn’t have to be painful or overwhelming. It needs nurturing and tender care like gardening or raising a child. Basic guidelines and a continual flow of choices can give you optimum health and a positive lifestyle change. When incorrect choices take place, you can learn from them and see them as a part of the life process. Adding guilt to your life during a program like this, serves no purpose. Simple realistic choices, hour by hour, day by day, can put you on a path toward a whole new life.... If you are serious about managing your weight and have struggled with weight loss in the past, MINDSET will give you new focus and new direction.

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